The TATFILM Produktionsgesellschaft mbH is an independent movie production company with headquarters in Cologne and an office in Munich. We are developing and producing feature films, TV movies, and documentaries. The creative and executive collaboration with international partners is a major aspect of our work.

The TATFILM was founded in 1995 by Christine Ruppert, its recent executive manager. The name of the company derived from the Yiddish saying “Tuches auf’m Tisch”. It has been used by Hollywood producers who, when sitting together to produce a movie, revealed their degree of participation to each other.

We produced about thirty movies since the first TATFILM co-production, the international TV movie THE WRITING ON THE WALL, has been realised. Movies of renowned directors as Mike Hodges or Werner Herzog as well as debuts and cineastic documentaries belong to the repertoire of TATFILM.

We want to produce movies that are able to last. Therefore, contents of plots as well as the images that are created to support them are relevant to us.