Feature Film, Germany/Belgium/France/Poland, 2009
Script: Nancy Larson
based upon the memoir by Eugenia Ginzburg
Director: Marleen Gorris
Cast: Emily Watson, Ulrich Tukur, Ian Hart, Benjamin Sadler, Agata Buzek
The story of Eugenia Ginzburg who spent ten years in a Siberian GULAG and survived through the power of poetry and love. Based on Eugenia Ginzburg's autobiography.

Length/Format: 100 minutes / 35 mm
Producer: Christine Ruppert
Co-Producers: Piotr Mularuk, Hubert Toint
Co-Production: Yeti Films, Saga Film, Lorival
World Distribution: Telepool
Distribution: NFP
Theatrical release: Belgium, Netherlands
Festivals/Awards: Polish Film Festival, 2009
  Haifa International Film Festival, Israel 2009
  Ghent International Film Festival, Belgium 2009
  Boston Jewish Film Festival, 2009
  Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, 2010
  Festival of Jewish Film, Australia 2010
  New York Jewish Film Festival, 2010