Feature Film, France/Australia/Germany
Script & Director: Julie Bertuccelli
Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Marton Csokas
What could be more normal for a ten-year-old girl than to converse with her dead father on top of the tree in the garden? However, when the mother and brothers of young Simone join the night-time conversations, the family finds itself perched on top of the tree. Above the noise of the world, under the incredulous glances of the neighbours...

Lenght/Format: 90 minutes/ 35mm
Produced by: Yaël Fogiel
Co-produced by: Christine Ruppert, Sue Taylor
Co-Production: Les Films du Poisson, Taylor Media, Tatfilm
World Sales: Memento Films
Theatrical release: France, Australia
Festivals/Awards: Cannes Film Festival, Closing Film, 2010
  44. Hofer Filmtage, 2011  
  Nominee for 7 AFIA (Australian Film Institut Awards)